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B.ZERO1 series may be that many people began to realize and then the importance of family love Bvlgari. Series of B.zerol of the spirit of the interpretation of start and end. It is also the future of the past, expresses the essence of BVLGARI style; traditional and innovative spectrum of eurhythmics of future integration.

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Simple a rise in the cost of silver and jewellery with which comes a greater demand by the general public. Now 90% of the money all them is made to a Sterling standard 925 money, which means it has a small amount of impurities added, however for an investment is simply not enough good .and it gets even worse, if you purchase travel money of to say Asian countries, the majority of the money in stalls streets would not 925 assay test it is because the manufacturer has added large quantities of copper or bronze with the money to be able to sell this cheap.

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