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Patek Philippe expertise complement and dominate the world dominant form was born

In 1839, Antoine Patek and his Polish watchmaking colleague of Franciszek Czapek co-founded company Patek, Czapek & Co. watchmaking. Later, he met in 1842, invented the system without the French key Adrien Philippe, met in 1851, PATEK PHILIPPE & Co., the two men shared vision, expertise complement and dominate the world dominant form was born.

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Patek Philippe Watches PatekPhilippe the average price of 13 000 US $ 20 000 us $. Company is the only truly independent Swiss watchmaking remaining, Patek Philippe PatekPhilippe from beginning to end is their own production, training, a division of Patek Philippe Patek Philippe Watches take 10 years. Create a complex Patek Philippe Watches PatekPhilippe take a 2-3 years time, a simple Patek Philippe PatekPhilippe phenotype of the system to send takes at least 9 months, which is the same as the birth of the person.

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