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Patek Philippe has taken the lead in Watch making technology for a long time. It was established in 1839 in Geneva. For hundreds of years, Patek Philippe has been adhering to the fine tradition of quality, beauty and reliability. The replica Petek Philippe watches are also presented in a great variety of shapes, models and colors emphasizing individuality of their own.

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Patek Philippe expertise complement and dominate the world dominant form was born

In 1839, Antoine Patek and his Polish watchmaking colleague of Franciszek Czapek co-founded company Patek, Czapek & Co. watchmaking. Later, he met in 1842, invented the system without the French key Adrien Philippe, met in 1851, PATEK PHILIPPE & Co., the two men shared vision, expertise complement and dominate the world dominant form was born.

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The grand draw is a Patek Philippe reference 2499 in 18 gold k, a calendar perpetual chronograph with the phases of the Moon, made in 1982, EST $250, aus $ 350 000, while Patek of the tombs is estimated at $ 40, $ 60, 000 aus. LaPaglia is an astute collector whose well-chosen parts will lead to the sale of the afternoon session, estimates ranging from $2,000 to $70,000 . A stand-out among his collection vintage watches is the reference 3646 Rolex made to 1943 for Officine Panerai, an extremely rare example of the large, watches diving stainless steel produced for officers of Italian Navy during the 1940s, EST. $70, $ 90 000 aus; and the reference 6541 Rolex starting around 1958, one of the rarest models Milgauss Rolex ever produced, EST. $60, $ 80, 000 aus. Identified by his hand seconds as the form of lightning, anti-magnetic model was designed for use in areas of high, such as laboratories and the generating electromagnetic fields. And our favorite is the Rolex reference 6239, known as the "Paul Newman" Cosmograph Daytona, (above) made 1967 steel stainless steel, EST. $40, $ 60, 000 aus. Gallery: Christie is important watches 14/12/10

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph

Timezone has photos of the latestwatch of Geneva Patek Philippe workshops. The new automatic chronograph is the chronograph REF. AnnualCalendar of the 5960P. It was a case of 40.5 mm Platinum, front and rear Sapphire. The movement is the calibre of Patek newautomatic IRMQA24H CH28-520 with 40 jewelry, one hour 55 power reserve and a column of flyback-wheel, an indicator of powerreserve, an annual calendar and day/night display. The chronograph has a button to start and stop the ameasurement and the other two reset chrono hand arrested or enable the flyback function when the chrono is running. Thecalendar recognizes the months with 30 and 31 days and must be reset after February. It shows the day, week, months of dateand. Tags: exhibit patek philippe, PatekPhilippe, watch, watches

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Even if the family home and the sense of history and deep heritage is full of old watch brand, replica watches, the same trends in a new season under the influence to some pattern to fashion. Season Patek Philippe Watches PatekPhilippe men and women have the astonishing decorative meaning, in particular, is a good for wear in the summer sun Gondolo Gemma female form and very playful flavor shows men Ellipse Golden.

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