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The design of Rado ceramic watch

Black, white, gold, silver is a popular global fashion the same law, Rado color elements of the design team will be the perfect combination of these high-tech ceramic material and technological process technology, to create a fashion trend-only mechanical watch. This can follow the trend of the ceramic popular last couple of years have changed the brand of the watch as part of the mining technology of ceramic material element is obvious, the radar so that more consumers to the watch and admire the beauty of the time when the accounting process, to better understand the mind share from the radar high-tech ceramic watch set off the fashion fad.

Rado Ceramica Jubile Diamond Baguettes Watch

It is the first watch ever fully Rado , which is a little ironic that Rado is the company that has really helped popularize ceramic ceramics as a material for used in watches. This watch was also part of the 20th anniversary of the Rado as a watch company. I do not think it was until the Chanel J12 appeared, that other manufacturers of watches really started picking up on the ceramic material as. It is the new version of the Rado Ceramica Jubile of. The watch is not exactly completely in ceramics, such as the movement and so always metal. The dial is interesting (and non-ceramic) made up of 102 black treated baguette cut diamonds are set in white gold - I have never given something like it. The text-on the dial is actually on the bottom of the Sapphire Crystal.

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