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Ulysse Nardin Caprice Panda Limited Edition Watch

Ruby is like a mother to protect children, to protect the pandas. Closely around your dial is famous back case of 18 K Gold Sapphire case, transparent. The Watch has an excellent selection of effective automatic winding movement, offering 42 hours of reserve, with an automatic gold 22 K power diamond plate. The bezel is also set with sparkling diamonds. And 12 and 06, it is decorated with two diamond square, inlaid 16 diamonds, to attract the Viewer to appreciate.

Features of Ulysse Nardin Chairman Luxury watches

The risk is a major investment to purchase the best of the best, when beauty may be skin deep a few months after the purchase. Traditional watchmaking, now also mobile phone maker, Ulysse Nardin has created a system that deals with this issue - is literally at the heart of the problem.

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